Biological Septic Tank Treatment

What maintenance products do I need for my septic tank and drains?

When the biology of the cesspool or septic tank is no longer in order, when you have a lot of problems with bad smells or when the tank fills up quickly, the Bio-Septic and Roebic products are a good choice.

By adding these products you add extra bacteria. Bacteria that can assist the existing micro-organisms in the cesspit, septic tank or STP in breaking down waste products. This will solve a lot of problems directly and will reduce the smell of the waste.

Roebic has a wide range of patented bacterial cultures that can be used specifically for your tank, drainage and pipework.

Maintenance products for septic tank and drains

  • K27 prevents blockages in drains caused by food residues and/or grease. You can also get the waste containers (e.g. the bins) odourless with this.
  • K67 prevents clogging of various drains and piping systems with grease, hair, food and soap residues.
  • K87 Maintenance washing machine drain. Prevents clogging due to soap, grease and paper residues.
  • K97 To prevent blockages in the main drain pipe. Ideal for e.g. toilets that use little flushing water or for toilets that already have pipe problems.
  • Bio-Septic (Supporting Bacteria)  suitable for the maintenance, dissolving and prevention of odours in septic tanks and STPs, approximately 10,000 micro-organisms per gram.
  • Bio-Septic + (Supporting Bacteria) suitable for the maintenance of, solving and preventing stench in heavily loaded septic tanks and STPs, approximately 100,000 microorganisms per gram.
  • Roetech 106WS-8 Bacteria Suitable for use in all aerated wastewater systems / STP. Helps to keep the treatment in top condition, suitable for maintenance and start-up of an STP.
  • K37 septic tank maintenance Suitable for systems that are connected to both grey (kitchen, bathroom) and black (toilet) wastewater. Suitable for maintenance, starting and (re)activating the septic tank.
  • K47 cesspit maintenance Suitable for systems that are only connected to black (toilet) waste water. Suitable for maintenance, starting and (re)activation of the cesspool.

Of course we are happy to work with you to find the right solution. If you have any questions or need advice, our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Our recommended products for your septic tank and drains