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Holding Tank Treatment for RVs & Marine

For the motorhome, caravan or boat it is convenient to drain the dirty water in a holding tank. Unfortunately, the holiday fun can be disturbed by stench in the wastewater holding tank. This smell is, due to the usually low gas concentrations, not harmful, but very annoying.

What causes bad smells from your holding tank?

The odour in the waste water tank is caused by the gases released during the waste water decay process. At high temperatures this process is faster, causing (even) more odour to be released. Soap and food residues are also an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria that cause these smelly gases.

Solutions to remove stench from a holding tank

There is a 100% biological and sustainable solution to this problem. Roebic RV & Marine has been specially developed to solve the stench from the waste water tank. If only the toilet is connected to the system, one should take the “black” variant. However, if the shower and/or sink are also connected to this tank, you should take the “grey” variant.

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