Roebic K57 Septic Tank Emergency Aid


K-57 is a specially developed (emergency) product that provides a quick solution to serious problems such as clogging and/or strong odours in a septic tank or cesspit.

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Roebic K57

Roebic septic tank K57: for emergency problems with septic tanks.

Do you have a cesspool or septic tank with serious odour problems and/or a septic system with a clogging? Then Roebic K 57 is the product you need.

Roebic K57 provides a concentrated attack on blocked areas, so that the septic system can return to a usable state. Roebic Septic Tank Emergency Aid is safe for all different types of pipes. And because it is 100% biodegradable, K57 is not harmful to the environment.

What is Roebic K57 for?

Roebic Septic Tank Emergency Aid can be used for systems connected to both grey (kitchen, bathroom) and black (toilet) waste water. Roebic K57 is suitable for troubleshooting overloaded full septic tanks, clogged septic tanks and a clogged cesspool. After the problems with the septic tank have been solved, you can start the (preventive) maintenance of your septic tank.

How much K57 do I need for my septic tank?

1 bottle Roebic Septic Tank Emergency Aid K57 is sufficient for a septic tank with a capacity of up to 500 gallon/ 1500 litres.

The content of a bottle is ± Net WT 32 fl.oz (1qt.)/946ml

How do I use Roebic K57?

For best results use Roebic K57 in the evening before bedtime

    1. Shake well before use. Flush the entire contents of the container down the toilet.
    2. Use one bottle per  500 gallon/1500 litres tank capacity.
    3. Repeat this dosage after 3 to 4 weeks if the problems are not solved.

What is the difference between the Septic tank Maintenance K37 and the Septic tank Emergency Aid K57?

Roebic K57 is a problem-solving emergency product to treat the entire system powerfully if you already have a blockage or a slow running system. Roebic K37 is suitable for (preventive) maintenance of the septic tank or septic tank. Roebic K37 prevents clogging and odour nuisance.

Can I also use K57 Septic Tank Emergency Aid instead of K37 Septic Tank Maintenance?

We recommend the use of K57 to ensure that the system works properly and then use Roebic K37 (septic tank) or Roebic K47 (septic tank) for preventive maintenance.

How long after treatment with Emergency Roebic K57 should I wait before applying Maintenance of Roebic K37?

Depending on the condition of the system, it is sometimes necessary to treat a few times with the K57. You will have to wait about three to four weeks between treatments. If the system works properly after treatment with the K57, you can use the K37 next month to maintain your septic tank.

What can influence the effect of K57?

In case of a septic tank or IBA be careful with chlorinated cleaning agents! These can seriously disturb the biology in the tank.

What are the shipping costs?

For orders under £ 55 you now only pay £ 4.50 for shipping. Above £ 55 you will not pay any shipping costs.

More information:

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