Domestic sewage treatment system

A domestic sewage treatment  system. The best solution for wastewater treatment

When you use a home wastewater treatment system it will come as no surprise to you it provides the best degree of purification (Class 3b). However, if it works well!

How to keep your wastewater treatment system in the best condition?

A domestic sewage tank requires annual maintenance. The filters of the blower must be replaced and the blower itself must be checked. The excess sludge is also sucked off.

After this works, it is important to get the biology going again and let the domestic sewage tank work optimally. For this reason, we have Roetech 106 PS WS-8 and Bio-Septic + in our range. These are specific bacteria that can break down grease, soap, stool and paper.

The benefits of a smoothly running wastewater treatment system

A well functioning small sewage treatment plant has a series important benefits:

  • Firstly,significantly reduced risk of blockages.
  • Secondly, less odour nuisance.
  • Thirdly, a better return, thus better for the environment.

Don’t use chlorinated detergents in your home individual wastewater treatment system.

Since the small sewage treatment plant works with bacteria, the use of chlorine-based or bleach-based cleaning agents (Bleichavel) is out of the question. If you have an domestic sewage tank, only biodegradable cleaning agents may be used. You will find a selection on our website.

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