Anti Sewage Smell in House - Kit 3


Dissolve sewer air in your home 100% biologically with this effective 2-stage approach! Especially for households discharging into an aerated domestic wastewater tank.

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Anti Sewage Smell in House – Kit 3

Do you unload into a ventilated IBA and suffer from the smell in the house? There is a solution!

For orders under £ 55 you now only pay £ 4.50 for shipping. Above £ 55 you will not pay any shipping costs.

The odour from drains is often caused by the decomposition of bad anaerobic bacteria that are present in the drains. Domestic wastewater tank or a septic tank can also be a source. For example, one can smell H2S (hydrogen sulphide). This creates the well-known rotten egg air in the house.

How does the Anti Sewage Smell in House kit 3 work?

The highly effective products in this package ensure that the degradation is converted to aerobic degradation. No odourless or harmful gases are produced during this type of decomposition. And because the decomposition is much faster than the anaerobic decomposition, the harmful bacteria are soon out of competition. The products used are 100% biological and are specially designed for use in combination with an wastewater tank.

Roebic K 67 is used to combat odours and prevent blockages when disposing of kitchen, dishwasher, bathroom and e.g. the cleaning drains in the garage. It breaks down grease, soap residues, hair and other dirt and prevents blockages.

Roebic K 97 takes care of the main line to the septic tank. It ensures that paper, grease and sludge are broken down and that the waste water drains off better.

Roebic 106 PS WS8 effectively supports or reactivates the dismantling process in IBA. These highly specific bacteria reduce the odour, but also prevent the tank from filling up.

What is included in the Anti Sewage Smell in House kit 3?

  • 2 bottles Roebic K 67 (sufficient for 5 drains)
  • 1 bottle Roebic K 97
  • 2 water degradable bags Roebic 106 WS-8 (for tanks up to 1000 gallon/ 3000 litres)

Does Anti Sewage Smell in House kit 3 also work for a ventilated IBA?

Yes, this package is very well suited for a ventilated IBA! If you don’t have an IBA aired, but a septic tank or do you unload on the municipal fiddle? Then package 2 or 1 is the best package for you!

How do I use Anti Sewage Smell in House kit 3 ?

  • Shake all products well before use.
  • Take half a bottle of K 67 in the evening before going to bed and pour it on a maximum of 5 drains in the house. Repeat this three times.
  • Pour a bottle of K 97 into the toilet and rinse 1 time before bedtime.
  • Day 2: Throw 1 bag of 106 PS WS-8 in the toilet and flush 1 time. Then rinse the other bag.
  • You can avoid many problems by doing this treatment annually.

Is Anti Sewage Smell in House kit 3 a preventive package?

Yes, Roebic K 67, K 97 and 106 PS WS-8 are preventive products and 100% biological. They are safe for your skin and all types of pipes.

What can affect the function of Anti Sewage Smell in House kit 3?

Do not mix with chlorinated cleaning agents! These negate the effect. By the way, this is not recommended for septic tanks anyway!

In case of broken pipes or serious technical defects this package will probably only be partially effective.

What are the shipping costs?

For orders under £ 55 you now only pay £ 4.50 for shipping. Above £ 55 you will not pay any shipping costs.

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More information:

In our webshop we sell several organic and ecological cleaning products, which are suitable in combination with a septic tank, cesspool or domestic wastewater system without affecting the function of the bacteria. You can find these organic cleaning products by clicking on this link.

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