Septic Tank Activator


  • For the reactivation of septic tanks up to 1000 gal.
  • Based on effective and patented bacteria cultures
  • 100% organic
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Septic tank activator for (re) activation of the septic tank.

Do you want to reactivate your septic tank after a longer standstill or complete emptying and put it back into operation again?

Then the septic tank activator is the right package for you. The Septic Tank Activator consists of 2 bottles Roebic Septic Tank K37 and is suitable for a septic tank with a capacity of up to 1000 gallon.  Do you have a larger septic tank? Then you can of course order an additional K37 bottle directly.

Function of the Septic Tank Activator

Septic tank activator contains a large population of septic tank bacteria that (re)activate the decomposition of sludge and waste products in the septic tank. By adding the Septic Tank Activator, additional bacteria are added. Bacteria that can help the micro-organisms present in the septic tank to break down waste products. The accumulation of sludge and other deposits is then slower and less stench is released. This prevents many problems and activates and supports the septic tank in the right way.

Content of the Septic Tank Activator package

The septic tank activator consists of 2 bottles of Roebic Septic Tank K37.

Roebic Septic Tank K37 can be used for all types of pipes and lines. And because it is 100% biodegradable, Roebic Septic Tank K37 is not harmful to the environment. The Roebic Septic Tank K37 can be used for systems that are connected to both grey water (kitchen, bathroom) and black water (toilet). If the septic tank is only connected to a toilet, i.e. only to black water, we recommend Roebic Cesspool k47.

Do you have a septic tank with ventilation? Then it is better to use Roetech 106 PS. These are other bacteria cultures.

More information about the use and maintenance of a septic tank? Take a look at our knowledge base on the website.

Instruction manual Septic Tank Activator

  1. Shake well before use. Flush the entire contents of the packaging through the toilet.
  2. For septic tanks up to 1000 gallon.
  3. Repeat this dosage as described at least once a year.

Useful tips

If you are not sure about the size of your septic tank, order an extra bottle of Roebic K37. You can return it at any time.

Additional information about Septic Tank Activator

Roebic K37 is a preventive product.

In case of a septic tank or individual waste water tank, please pay attention to not use chlorine-containing cleaning agents! These can seriously impair the function of the tank.

Problems with the pipeline to the septic tank can be solved with Roebic K97.

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More information:

In our webshop we sell several organic and ecological cleaning products, which are suitable in combination with a septic tank, cesspool or domestic wastewater system without affecting the function of the bacteria. You can find these organic cleaning products by clicking on this link.

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