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Septic Tank Cleaning Products by GREEEN!

Strongly bactericidal substances such as bleach kill not only the bacteria in the toilet or shower, but also those in the septic tank, septic tank or cesspool. Bleach or chlorine bleach can be found in products such as toilet duck, Glorix, many toilet blocks and some all-purpose cleaners that affect the bacterial culture in your waste water tank. As a result, your sewage treatment plant may cause unpleasant odours and blockages.

Septic Safe Cleaning Products

This series consists of a wide range of cleaning products that don’t contain any bleach or ammonia so you can use these products without affecting the operation of your septic tanks or other waste water tanks. Therefore, it is ideal for use in caravans, mobile homes, (sailing) boats or other houses that are connected to a mobile sewage treatment plant.

GREEEN! Septic Safe and Eco-Friendly

GREEEN Products are largely manufactured with a zero waste principle. For example, various waste streams from the food industry are collected and used in our products after cleaning. Instead of using chemicals like bleach or ammonia, our products use lactic acid. GREEEN products are 100% biodegradable. Therefore, they are perfectly suited for use with the septic tank.

In addition, most GREEEN products are free from or have a minimal warning label. These eco-friendly cleaning products are safe in use and friendly for the environment. In addition, please note that you should also keep our cleaning products out of the reach of children.

Zero Waste: From cleaning products to packaging

We always try to produce our products with a zero waste philosophy. Consequently, every bottle is made of recycled plastic and are naturally recyclable. If possible, we also work with refill packaging.

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