Cesspool Maintenance

How does it work?

A cesspit is more or less the predecessor of the septic tank. Sometimes a cesspit or septic tank is still connected to the sewer system. A cesspit needs to be emptied regularly by a company that specialises in this. Doing it yourself is not recommended; dangerous gasses can accumulate in the cesspit. These gases are sometimes heavier than air, which means that you only notice them when you enter and you may be in danger! It is important that you do this regularly to avoid problems. If a cesspool is not emptied regularly, for example, odours and blockages can occur. For instance, the pipe (overflow) which leads to the cesspool can become blocked and stench can arise. The smell will get into your house and you can suffer a lot from it.

Make it easy on yourself with the products from Roebic

So unfortunately you cannot escape the need to have the cesspool regularly maintained and emptied by a company that is specialised in this. What you can do is regularly maintain the cesspool with various maintenance products. This will make sure that the build-up of dirt is less fast. Roebic products are an example of these products. These products consist of patented bacteria which you can add to the existing bacterial culture in the cesspool to break down waste products. This improves the functioning of the cesspool and the waste materials are broken down faster. Because of this faster decomposition the cesspool will have to be emptied less often and will give less odour nuisance.

Our recommended maintenance products for your cesspool