Septic Tank Problems

Solve problems in your septic tank, cesspool or STP. You can do this.

A properly functioning septic tank, cesspool or STP is in balance. Correct maintenance of the septic system implies that the biology in your septic tank, cesspit or STP is in good order and that the useful bacteria can continue to do their work, breaking down the offered material as much as possible. A septic system that works properly should not only include a good bacteria cultureAlso, the overall condition must be in order. Leaking seals of the maintenance hatches, for example, can also cause smelly gases to be released. A specialised company can check this for you.


What can you do yourself to keep the bacterial culture in your septic tank in good order?

If the balance is disturbed, you will notice that the tank fills up faster. The tank filling up can be noticed by a number of things. For example, the toilet may bubble when you flush it, or it may no longer flush properly. Odour problems and blockages will also be a sign that something is wrong.

The balance of the bacterial culture can be disturbed by the use of certain cleaning products such as toilet duck, Glorix, toilet blocks and some all-purpose cleaners. Sterkbacterie dodende cleaning products such as cleaning agents with bleach / chlorine bleach lye kill not only the bacteria in your home but also the functioning bacteria in your drains, pipes and your tank. And that’s where the bacteria are very useful. So if you have a septic tank, cesspool or STP it is better not to use these kind of products.

In our webshop you can use this link 100% biodegradable cleaning agents that you can use without affecting the bacterial culture.

When the biology of the cesspool or septic tank is no longer in order, when you have a lot of problems with odors or when the tank fills up quickly, the Bio-Septic and Roebic products are a good choice.

These products are 100% of course and contain bacterial cultures that immediately tackle the source and restore the biological balance. The layer of sludge in your tank is broken down and odours are prevented. The build-up of dirt in your pipe work is also prevented. The use of these products provides cost-saving solutions. This is partly due to the fact that the septic tank, cesspool or STP needs to be cleaned or emptied less often.

Roebic offers a wide range of products based on patented bacterial cultures. With the addition of these products you add extra bacteria. These are bacteria that can assist the existing microorganisms in the cesspool, septic tank or STP in breaking down waste.

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