Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater Harvesting System Maintenance

Prevent odours in your rainwater tank.

Do you have a rainwater harvesting system? First of all, of course, a great way to save on the use of drinking water. Why should you use that purified tap water for washing your car, flushing the toilet or watering your plants? In addition, rainwater also contains less calcium, making it a very interesting option for use in your washing machine.

At Septic Tank Shop, we only welcome such solutions in the home. Well purified water is becoming increasingly scarce and we see more and more initiatives from the powers that be to promote rainwater. In countries like Belgium it is even compulsory to install a rainwater harvesting system when applying for a building permit.

Problems with your rainwater harvesting system? Take care of regular maintenance.

The collection of rainwater for domestic use seems simple. You install a system and connect it up. However, it is very important that you also maintain your rainwater harvesting system, cistern or rain barrel regularly. Odour nuisance, in particular, is a common problem and has various causes, such as clogged filters, sludge or incorrectly chosen dimensions of your cistern. Another important cause is that your siphon stands dry for too long. This is especially common during long, dry periods.

Odour nuisance, sludge and algae formation in your rainwater tank?

If you want to prevent or remedy problems. Then make sure you maintain your system regularly to prevent odours. For this purpose, we offer the 100% biological solution Bio-Recup LQD. This products helps:

  • To reduce sludge
  • To solve odour nuisance: the organic pollution will be broken down. Odour nuisance is tackled and prevented!
  • To prevent algae: the nutrients that the algae need will be broken down so that the algae disappear.

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