Drain and Grease trap treatment

Grease Trap Treatment and Drain Cleaners

In the hospitality industry and professional kitchens, the drain pipes are used very intensively. As a result, grease deposits often cause a problem with the drain, after which cleaning must be carried out immediately. The grease trap can cause a lot of problems from time to time. It is not uncommon for the grease trap to give off quite a smell, which can cause bad odours in the kitchen or sometimes in the restaurant.

Roebic. A 100% biological and effective solution

Roebic has a range of very effective products to help you remove grease and other dirt. The pipes remain clean and the odour nuisance on the grease separator disappears. Furthermore, all Roebic products are 100% biological!

Our solution: Grease Trap Treatment

The TrapSak is used with the grease trap. These elements are full of bacteria that break down fat and prevent odour. These “candles” slowly dissolve and thus release the bacteria. A great solution to quickly unblock grease traps, drains in a 100% natural way.

However, if the odour is so strong that the bacteria in the TrapSak are not sufficient we advise to use Roebic GT. This liquid contains an enormous amount of bacteria that have been specially selected to dissolve grease.


In addition, Roebic GT or K-87 is recommended for keeping pipes open.

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