Pipes and Drains

Smelly pipes and drains or blockages due to fat? Try our products!

Odours in pipelines or drains are often caused by, among other things, fat and soap residues. This waste often leaves a thin layer which is broken down by anaerobic bacteria. The fact that the waste is broken down is not a problem in itself. However, hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) is often released during the breakdown of this waste. This causes bad odours in your pipes and drains.

The solution. Treatment products with aerobic bacteria.

Unlike the anaerobic bacteria that cause that unpleasant sewer smell from your drains and pipes, aerobic bacteria work on the basis of oxygen and do not leave an unpleasant sewer smell behind. Our products all contain these “good” bacteria that quickly and effectively break down these residues and remove odours.

Our recommended products for smelly drains and pipes:

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