Roebic Main Line Cleaner K97


If you want to avoid blockages in your main line drain, Roebic K97 toilet main line cleaner is just what you need!

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Roebic Toilet Main Line Cleaner K97: to prevent blockages in the main drain.

If you want to prevent clogging in your toilet drain, the Roebic Toilet Main line cleaner K97 is just the thing for you!

When using the toilet, paper, grease and other deposits can accumulate in the main pipe. Roebic K97 breaks down toilet waste naturally with the help of bacteria in a very short time. Roebic K97 also ensures that the waste does not get stuck in the pipe. Roebic K97 is ideal for use in toilets with little flush water or toilets that already have problems with the waste pipes.

The Roebic toilet pipe cleaner K97 consists of bacteria and is therefore not only environmentally friendly, but can also be used for all types of pipes without any problems and is therefore suitable for clear septic tanks and domestic wastewater systems.

Roebic Toilet Pipe Cleaner K97 has a minimum exposure time of 6 to 8 hours. We therefore recommend that you treat your drains before going to bed. The dosage depends on the type of pipes and the degree of soiling.

Instructions for use of Roebic toilet Main line Cleaner K97.

For best results, use Roebic K97 in the evening before bedtime.

    1. Pour about 8 ounches  (1 cup) of Roebic K97 through the toilet and flush well.
    2. Repeat this 4 consecutives nights.
    3. For maintenance: repeat monthly or as required.

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