Septic tank bacteria

Septic Tank Bacteria to keep your tank in the best condition

Septic tank enzymes are important for the proper functioning of your septic tank. They ensure that the organic components are broken down, odour formation is reduced to a minimum and the flow of the septic tank remains optimal. They also improve efficiency and make the outflow cleaner.

How to use septic tank enzymes?

Septic tank enzymes can be used to (re-)activate or prevent common problems like clogging and bad odours. Add some bacteria to your septic system on a regular basis to help keep the breakdown of effluent going. As a result, you septic tank won’t clog or cause any bad smells.

To reactivate your septic tank, you need to add a great amount of bacteria to your septic tank. Add our product to your septic system through your toilet or sink. As a result, your septic tank will be re-activated in no-time.

What septic tank bacteria products do you offer?

On this page you will find clarifying aerobic bacterial products manufactured by Roebic and our own brand: Bio-Septic. These products are very effective and developed for your septic tank. For this reason, it is our #1 product to keep your septic system in the best possible condition.

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