Roebic K37 Septic Tank Treatment | Concentrated Formula

  • Roebic K37 Septic Tank Treatment contains powerful bacteria that can prevent odour and clogging in the tank
  • Suitable for septic tanks of 1,500 litres (330 UK gallons)
  • Easy to use
  • 100% biodegradable
  • In a bottle made of recycled plastic
  • Now even more concentrated: One 250 ml bottle is enough to treat a 1,500-litre tank


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More information:

In our webshop we sell several organic and ecological cleaning products, which are suitable in combination with a septic tank, cesspool or domestic wastewater system without affecting the function of the bacteria. You can find these organic cleaning products by clicking on this link.

We also take packaging and shipping into account. We use bio-based adhesive tape and compensate our CO2 emissions.