Bio-Septic Plus | Septic Tank Bacteria - 1kg


Bio-Septic plus, Septic tank bacteria in sustainable packaging.

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Bio-Septic Plus, Septic tank bacteria

The well-known Bio-Septic plus septic tank bacteria, but then packed with 90% less plastic. Content 1 kg. With english manual.

Bio-Septic plus is designed for the heavily loaded septic tank or new systems. It is a product with a large amount of bacteria. These support the bacteria in your septic tank. It improves the effectiveness and the degradation in the tank. This results in less sludge, a cleaner effluent and less or no odour nuisance.

By switching to new packaging we can reduce plastic consumption by approximately 90%. The cardboard can easily be disposed of in the waste paper and the plastic caps in the plastic waste.

The Bio-Septic plus product

Bio-Septic + is a biological, non-toxic and harmless product for the maintenance of your septic tank or domestic wastewater system. The product is based on aerobic microorganisms sporulated on a mineral carrier. A natural process, a kind of hibernation, so to speak. One gram of Bio-Septic + contains a great many, approximately 100,000 micro-organisms, which are 100% preserved thanks to the sporulation technique. This is in contrast to many other processes such as freeze-drying, where less than 10% of the micro-organisms survive.

Bio-Septic + to reactivate your septic tank or Individual waste water tank.

Bio-Septic + is a very effective product for restarting polluted septic tanks. The product is not water-soluble and must be added to the kitchen or toilet drains weekly. As soon as the product comes into contact with water, the micro-organisms immediately become 100% active. Bio-Septic + then finds its way into the septic tank or IBA. Once there, the micro-organisms break down the excess sludge, as this sludge is a source of food for them. Since this decomposition is aerobic, the septic tank or IBA causes less or no odour nuisance. In addition, its effectiveness is improved, which also reduces environmental pollution.

A further advantage of using Bio-Septic + is that, for example, the kitchen piping also suffers less from grease blockages, as these are also broken down by the microorganisms.

Difference between Bio-Septic and Bio-Septic + for use in septic tanks or Individual waste water tank.

Both products are ideal for the maintenance of septic tanks and IBAs and the elimination and prevention of their stench. The aerobic micro-organisms are very effective in breaking down organic material without releasing odours.

The standard Bio-Septic can be used as a weekly septic tank maintenance. The product contains approximately 10,000 bacteria per gram.

Bio-Septic + is available for heavily polluted septic tanks that already cause a large odour nuisance. This product contains an enormous amount of micro-organisms, approximately 100,000 per gram. In combination with the unique production method, Bio-Septic + is a very effective product for the maintenance and support of your septic tank or IBA.

Advantages of Bio-Septic and Bio-Septic +

  • The wastewater system, septic tank or septic tank is reactivated
  • No more odours from the septic tank due to aerobic action.
  • Cleans and keeps the piping from your kitchen clean
  • Improves effectiveness and thus reduces the impact on the environment
  • 100% biological
  • Sustainable
  • Easy to use

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More information:

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