Rainwater in a Septic Tank

Discharging rainwater into a septic tank. Is this possible?

Is it desirable to discharge rainwater into a septic tank or not? This is a question we get asked on a regular basis. The answer to this question is actually quite simple. No, this is not desirable. This is because it can have a negative effect on the active bacteria (micro-organisms) that are responsible for the decomposition of waste products (effluent) in the septic tank. Due to the large influx of rainwater, the water becomes very “thin”. It contains virtually no organic dirt, but rather more inorganic substances such as sand from roofs or paved surfaces. the wastewater contains various degrees of pollution. Such a difference can cause the bacteria in the septic tank to lose their effectiveness. Because of this loss of activity, the waste products are not broken down as quickly as they should be. This can cause clogging and stench.

What should I do if the bacteria in the septic tank lose activity?

When the bacteria lose their effectiveness, this can lead to problems like odor nuisance and blockages. To make sure the bacteria in the septic tank work optimally again, it is important to add extra bacteria to the septic tank. This way you compensate the loss of effectiveness by adding extra bacteria that can break down the excess waste.

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