Septic Tank Enzyme Additives

Additives for your septic tank or STP. To improve the performance of your septic tank or STP.

Septic tank additives are designed to improve the bacterial culture responsible for the biological wastewater treatment in your septic tank or STP. These additives (addition) of extra bacteria may be necessary to improve the functioning of your septic tank or STP. The biodegradation by microorganisms is very good for the environment, but is also very quickly unbalanced when substances are discharged into the septic tank that do not belong there. Think of cleaning products with a high concentration of chlorine and other chemicals. In this article we have listed some tips to keep your septic tank in good working order.

“Roebic offers several products that contain additional bacteria to help restore balance to the septic tank.”


When the bacteria cultures in the septic tank are out of balance, the bacteria may no longer be able to break down the sludge sufficiently. This is a big problem, because in that case blockages and odors can occur. There are several products on the market to keep the breakdown of sludge optimal. These are also called septic tank additives. They contain extra bacteria that restore the balance between the bacteria and the amount of sludge.

What septic tank additives exist?

Additives exist in several shapes and sizes. There are additives in liquid form, but there are also septic tank additives in solid form. Roebic offers several products that contain extra bacteria to bring back the balance in the septic tank. We also offer Bio-SepticBio-Septic Plus and Roetech 108PS WS-8 with a high concentration of bacteria to restore the balance in your septic tank or STP.

Our recommended products for your septic tank