Septic Tank Starter Bacteria

(Re-)activate your tank with a septic tank starter containing bacteria.

Septic tank starters, also called activators, are meant to reactivate a septic tank after it has been out of operation for a longer period of time, but also when a septic tank has been emptied. A septic tank starter contains a large population of septic tank bacteria that should activate the breakdown of sludge and waste in the septic tank again.


Which septic tank starters can I use?

We offer a wide variety of septic tank activator products that contain a population of bacteria sufficient to reactivate your septic tank. We offer Roebic K-37 and Bio-Septic with no less than 10.000 bacteria per gram(!). For the more heavily contaminated septic tanks we also offer Bio-Septic Plus with no less than 100.000 bacteria per gram. We offer a starter for every type of septic tank and STP.

Our recommended products for (re)activation of your septic tank