Sewage Treatment Plant Starter Kit


For Sewer treatment plants with a volume of up to 800 gal/3000 litres.

Price for 2 packages of 240 grams

Please note:

The bacteria are temporarily not supplied in water- soluble sachets.
We currently supply them in a container (approx. 480 g).


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Starter Kit STP: for start-up and maintenance of sewer treatment plants.

Do you want to prevent odours and clogging in your STP and give your aerated wastewater plant a good start?

Then the starter kit is the right product for you. Starter kit STP consists of Roetech 106PS WS-8 bacteria (2 pieces of 240 grams). Starter Kits are sufficient for Sewer Treatment Plants with a volume of up to 800 gal/3000 litres. Do you have a larger STP? Then you can simply order more Roetech 106PS WS-8 bacteria.

The commissioning and maintenance of your domestic sewage tank need not be difficult. This starter kit contains all the bacteria that your sewer treatment plant needs. Roetech 106PS WS-8 – Bacteria is a very effective, 100% biological product that breaks down organic pollution in the sewage treatment tank. It breaks down grease, dissolves sludge and prevents odour problems. It improves the efficiency of aerated sewage systems.

What is this Starter kit for STP suitable for?

Roetech 106PS WS-8 is suitable for use in all aerated waste water systems/domestic sewage tank.

How much Roetech 106PS WS-8 do I need for my STP?

The dosage of this product depends on the size and load of the sewage system.
Minimum recommended dosage: 2 packs per system for systems under normal load up to 800 gal/3000 litres.

Price for 2 packages of 240 grams

How do I use the Starter Kit?

  1. Dosage in the first chamber of the STP  or, if not reachable, via the toilet. The package is water soludable.
  2. For maintenance work: Repeat annually or as required.

Is Roebic 106 PS used to prevent problems?

Yes, Roebic 106 PS is used to prevent problems in the STP.

What can affect the function of the Roebic 106 PSW8?

In the case of a septic tank or individual wastewater treatment tank, make sure NOT to use chlorine-containing cleaning agents! These can seriously disturb the biology in the tank.

Problems or clogging in the piping to the septic tank or domestic sewage tank can be solved with Roebic K 97.

What are the shipping costs?

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