Cesspool Bacteria Treatment

What type of waste water enters a cesspool?

The traditional cesspit only receives dirty water from your toilet. This is also known as black water marked. In most cases, no soap or grease (grey waste water) enters the cesspool.

What causes bad odours from the cesspool?

In the cesspit, the organic substance is treated under anaerobic conditions of Cesspool bacteria dismantled. That is, without oxygen. The gases released during this decomposition often stink and can cause unpleasant odours. It is therefore important that the decomposition is in order. Keep in mind to not throw extensive amounts of toilet paper in the cesspool and prevent the use of cleaning products that contain chlorine.

What kind of cesspool treatment products are there?

To keep your cesspool in the best condition, your cesspit needs maintenance on a regular basis. How? Add some cesspool bacterial treatment products to boost the bacteria which decompose the sludge in the tank. This prevents clogging and bad odours. At Septic Tank Shop, we offer lots of cesspool products with special cesspool bacteria. For example, Roebic K47 and Bio-Septic. Using these product offers a number of benefits:

  • It keeps the Optimum degradation in the cesspit.
  • It ensures that the Minimal odour formation is and remains.
  • The tank must be emptied less often will be.
  • The efficiency of the cesspit is optimal, what is better for the environment.

Keep your cesspit in the best condition: Do not use chlorine!

Chlorine or bleach (bleaching agent) kills bacteria that fill the tank and make it stink. Therefore, always choose biodegradable detergents. You will find a selection on our website.

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