Septic tank bacteria

The addition of bacteria to your septic tank, cesspool or small sewage treatment system helps to optimise cleaning. It prevents the formation of odours, poor water drainage and increases efficiency. This makes the outflow cleaner.
Especially when water treatment is already causing problems, for example stench, adding the right product can help enormously.

We have products for:

  • Septic tanks (water from toilet, shower, wash basin combined, without blower).
  • Cesspit (toilet drain only).
  • Domestic sewage treatment system (water from toilet, shower, washbasin combined, with a blower on the middle tank).
  • Waste water tank from boat, caravan and motorhome.
  • Organic cleaning products that are not harmful to yourself and the waste water treatment.
Septic tank bacteria and septic tank activator.
Cesspool bacteria and cesspool activator.
Bacteria for domestic sewage treatment.
Rainwater Recuperation Tank Smells
Waste water tank boat, caravan, camper.
Septic Tank Friendly Cleaning Products GREEEN TOTAL!
Organic cleaning products.