Cesspool Treatment Products

Reduce your maintenance costs

A cesspool can cause several problems like odour nuisance and blockages. This can be prevented by having the cesspool checked and emptied regularly by a company that specialises in this. However, it is also important to regularly do your bit for the maintenance of the cesspool. This does not only prevent problems like clogging and stench, but is also a cost saving solution. This is partly due to the fact that a cesspool does not need to be cleaned or emptied as often.

“This can in fact be done with the help of various products that have been specially developed to keep the cesspool working optimally.”

Maintenance does not have to be difficult. It can be done by using various products which are specially developed to keep the cesspool working optimally. Roebic offers a wide range of products based on patented bacterial cultures. By adding these products you add extra bacteria. Bacteria which can assist the existing micro-organisms in the cesspit in breaking down waste products.

Do you own a septic tank? So where, apart from toilet water, the shower, washing machine and kitchen come out? Then it is Roebic K37 but also Bio Septic a good solution. Do you have an aerated IBA (Individual Treatment of Wastewater)? In that case it is better to use Roetech 106PS WS-8. This consists of (soluble) pouches that consist of bacteria in a solid form.

Our recommended products for your cesspool