Cesspool Cleaning with Bacteria

How does this work?

A cesspit is more or less the predecessor of the septic tank and domestic sewage treatment plant (STP). A cesspit needs to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis. This should always be done by a specialist company! In a cesspool dangerous gasses can accumulate which can be very dangerous when you enter the cesspool. If you neglect the maintenance of the cesspit you will have a higher chance of clogging and stench, like a sewer smell in your house.

Cleaning a cesspool removes the layer of sludge which accumulates on the bottom of the cesspool and sucks up any floating layers. It is important that most of the sludge is removed from the tank, the larger this layer of sludge is the quicker the water becomes polluted again. The bacteria in the cesspool already take care of the decomposition of waste products, but when the layer of sludge builds up the bacteria can no longer carry out the decomposition adequately. The balance is gone. The cesspool can also cause a lot of odour nuisance.

Be careful with the use of detergents

Also be careful with strong bactericidal products like chlorine and bleach. These will make sure that the bacteria in the cesspool cannot do their job anymore. Problems with the cesspool will occur much sooner.

There are various products for a cesspool with which you can add additional bacteria. This increases the number of bacteria that can break down the sludge in the cesspool. This can restore the balance and prevent odours. It will also reduce the frequency of emptying. Please note that this is not a permanent solution. To remove the silt layer it is still important to have the cesspool emptied and cleaned regularly.

Our recommended products for your cesspool

As you have read, proper maintenance of your cesspool is essential. Not only does it help to prevent clogging and odour nuisance, but it may even save costs as the cesspool does not need to be emptied as often. Our (maintenance) products consist of patented bacterial cultures which help to keep your cesspool in top condition.