Septic Tank Digester Powder

Bio Powder for Septic Tanks. Maintenance products and activators.

Septic tank products for maintaining your septic tank, STP (Individual Waste Water Treatment) or cesspool come in granular and liquid form. These products are not that different from each other, because they contain the same type of bacteria. The only difference is that they can be different in operation. Septic tank granules are produced by means of a freeze-drying process. A process in which the bacteria have to endure very low temperatures and therefore many bacteria can be lost during the process. Partly because of this process, the pellets differ from liquids in terms of effect, as a liquid can contain a lot more bacteria than pellets. Grains, on the other hand, are due to their solid form a lot easier to transport.

“Bio Septic and Bio Septic + are not made by a freeze-drying process. These products are made by biofixation. As a result, they contain very high levels of live bacteria.”

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Would you like to buy granules for your septic tank? We offer a wide range of grains that can be used for adding additional bacteria, but also for reactivation of your septic tank or STP. Below is a selection of our septic tank products.

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