Cesspit Blockage

My cesspool fills up too quickly. How come?

Do you have a toilet at home that is connected to a cesspool, but does this cesspool fill up quickly? In that case it could be that the bacteria in the cesspool are not able to do their job optimally in order to break down the waste products in the water. As a result, the cesspool can fill up quickly. You will notice that the toilet does not flush anymore or that the cesspool overflows. The smell gets into your house and can be a real nuisance. Therefore, make sure that the cesspool is always equipped with an optimal number of well-functioning bacteria, so that you may reduce the number of times the cesspool has to be emptied. For this you need to create an environment where the bacteria can perform optimally and break down waste products.

What solutions are there?

The following tips can help:

  • Make sure that the cesspool is emptied regularly. It is recommended to empty the cesspool at least every two years. This should be done by a professional company, because dangerous gases can often build up in a cesspool.
  • Be careful with the use of cleaning agents and other chemical products. These can harm the bacteria in the cesspool and prevent it from working properly. As a result, the sludge is not broken down and the cesspool fills up faster.
  • Add annually special bacteria such as Roebic K47 They help break down sludge and reduce the smell of the tank.

Roebic contains a wide range of products for the maintenance of a cesspool. We have bundled them in a package with which the bacteria culture in the cesspool can be restored. An ideal package to prevent clogging and stench from the cesspool. Besides that the products 100% are biological.

Our recommended products for your cesspit

At Dutch Water Tech, we offer a wide range of products for maintaining your cesspool. This not only helps to prevent clogging and odour nuisance in the short term, but can also be used as a cesspool maintenance product.