Cesspool Smell in House

Smelling a bad odour in your house that is caused by your cesspit. Fortunately, there is an effective and biological solution.

Do you have a cesspool at home? Do you suffer from bad smells? In that case, the bacteria in the cesspool may be having trouble breaking down the waste products in the water. As a result, a cesspool can fill up more quickly and bad smells will occur. The smell will enter your home and you may be bothered by it for days. You can prevent this problem by annually putting in products specially developed for this task, for example, Roebic K47.

In addition, there are a number of things you can do when the cesspool smells:

  • Make sure that the cesspool is emptied regularly. It is recommended to empty the cesspool every two years. Have this done by a professional company, because dangerous gases can often be produced in a cesspool.
  • Add Roebic K47 to your cesspit every year. It ensures that the sludge layer is broken down and that odour is prevented.
  • Be careful with the use of cleaning agents and other chemical products. Products based on chlorine or bleach will attack the bacteria in the cesspool and no longer be able to work optimally. As a result, the sludge is not broken down and the cesspool fills up faster.

Roebic contains a wide range of products for the maintenance of a cesspool. We have bundled this in a package that allows the bacteria culture in the cesspool to be restored. It’s an ideal package to prevent any stench from a cesspool, plus the products are 100% organic.

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