Septic Tank Treatment Products

When you have a septic tank, several problems can occur like odor nuisance and blockages. The latter can often be prevented by having the septic tank checked on a regular basis by a company that is specialized in this matter. However, it is also important to do your bit for the maintenance of the septic tank. This does not only prevent problems such as blockages and odors, but it is also a cost-saving solution. This is also because the septic tank needs to be cleaned/emptied less often.

Maintenance does not have to be difficult. It can be done by using several products that are especially developed to keep the septic tank working optimally. Roebic offers a wide range of products based on patented bacteria cultures. By adding these products you add extra bacteria. Bacteria that can assist the existing microorganisms in the septic tank in breaking down waste products. The build-up of sludge and other debris will then be less fast and the stench that is released will be less as well.

Preventing chlorine and bleach from entering the tank is another important point. Products like toilet duck and bleach are not recommended when you have a septic tank; the bacteria in the tank will die and the above mentioned problems will occur.

Besides Roebic we also offer Bio-Septic products for more persistent maintenance. Do you have an aerated IBA (Individual Treatment of Waste Water)? In that case it is better to use Roetech 106PS WS-8. This consists of (soluble) pouches made up of bacteria in a solid form.

Our recommended products for your septic tank

At Dutch Water Tech, we offer a wide range of products for maintaining your septic tank. This not only helps to solve blockages and odor problems, but also to prevent them.