Grease Pit Enzyme Treatment

Maintain and prevent stench and blockages.

If you have a business that discharges wastewater containing fat, you are obliged to install a grease pit. Hospitality businesses cannot escape this requirement, although there are a few exceptions. You can read more about this on this page.

The grease trap should be placed between the kitchen drain and the sewer.

Operation of grease pit

The grease pit is an important part of the drainage system in the catering business. It ensures the separation of fat and waste water. Grease is lighter than water and floats. The grease pit is fitted with various baffles that allow the water to pass under and the grease to remain behind. The grease separator keeps the grease out of the municipal sewer system. This is handy for the municipality, but ultimately also for you as an entrepreneur. Fat in wastewater hardens in the sewer and causes blockages. Not only can you be bothered by this, but so can the environment. The environmental inspector of the municipality is usually not too frugal when it comes to fining companies that do not abide by the rules.

Maintenance of grease pit catering

Grease pit maintenance is a specialized job. Most maintenance consists of regularly emptying the grease pit. If the layer of floating fat becomes too thick, grease can “leak” into the municipal sewer system. Working with wastewater can cause health problems. It is best to contract this out to a specialised company. You can then be sure that the grease pit can do its work optimally. The fat waste will also be disposed of responsibly. It can be turned into biofuels, for example.

Alternative maintenance of grease pit

The frequency of emptying the grease pit can be somewhat reduced by using Roebic products. However, it is still necessary to have the grease pit emptied on a regular basis.

“A quick approach to odour in the grease pit with the effective Roebic products.”

Odour pit catering

A common problem is the smell at the grease pit. Hospitality businesses are particularly affected and it can cost customers! Nobody likes to eat in the stench. When the grease pit causes a stench it is time for action: and fortunately there is a solution. The highly effective, biological Roebic approach is twofold: a candle is placed in the grease pit. This slowly dissolves and continually releases good, aerobic bacteria into the water. These bacteria break down the fat in a way that does not cause any odour. It is also advisable to dose Roebic GT into the pipe work to the fat trap using a dosage system. This product also consists of aerobic bacteria. It also contains a substance which makes the fats more accessible to the bacteria. In this way, there is not enough food left for the much slower, odour-producing bacteria to still produce odours.

How fast does it work? This graph shows the typical course of the amount of grease in the grease pit and thus the odour production available. Clearly shown in the before and after pictures. That is a fast result!

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