Sewage Smell in House

Read more about the cause and the solution of bad odours in your house.

Sewage smells can seriously disturb your relaxing home environment. There is nothing more displeasing than such an unpleasant smell, especially at home. It is not only unpleasant, but often unhealthy, as many gases which cause the stench are dangerous in higher concentrations. However, you do not need to worry immediately. It is improbable that the concentrations in the house are so high that it becomes directly dangerous for your health.

What causes the sewage smell in my house?

This can have various causes, but often, a drain is the problem. The drain from the shower, for example, or a small one in the garage or laundry room causes the sewage smell. If there is a stink in the house, it could also be the washing machine and the drain from the boiler.  Want to know more? Read on!

Is there a solution? 

Fortunately, yes there is! It depends on your specific situation which product works best. For example, are you connected to the municipality’s sewage system and does the smell comes from a specific drain? Then Roebic K27 often gives good results. If the stench is more ‘present in a room’ then this is not the best solution, and a product like Bio-septic plus will work better. This septic tank product also works very well in the pipes.

If your toilet smells bad, we have a solution as well.

Want to treat all of the pipes thoroughly? This package will help you!

We also often have customers tell us that  their septic tank stinks. You can smell it all over the house, and the best way to tackle this smell is at the source; the septic tank itself. Stench here is usually an indication of bad drainage, so it means that the septic tank is not working well. It also means the surface water that the wastewater drains into is being polluted unnecessarily. For problems with the septic tank or cesspool, Roebic K37 and Roebic K47 are great choices. These products will help to get the biology in order and the septic tank will function better while the bad smells are neutralised.

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