Sewer smell in House After Rain

Sewage smell in your house after some heavy rain is very unpleasant. The well well-known sewer odour which smells like rotten eggs can be more present after a heavy rainstorm. Other odours might also occur, but most common is the smell of rotten eggs. This smell is produced by H2S (hydrogen sulphide) and apart from being very smelly, it is also unhealthy. Fortunately, Drainpure can be a solution!

Sewer smell in the house after rain, why is that?

A sewer smell in the house after rain and sewer air from drains in general comes from the anaerobic decomposition of organic substances. These are, of course, sufficiently present in the sewers. Anaerobic decomposition means a decomposition without oxygen. The dirt particles in the water are broken down and deposited against the drain walls. During this process, degradation by-products are released, which is often the well-known rotten egg smell that is caused by H2S as well as, other gases.

The dirty odours are partially stopped by a water trap in the siphon within the drains. However, when it rains heavily, the air pressure in the sewer changes quite a bit. It is possible that air is pushed back through the siphon. After this happens, the water lock will recover as soon as the drain is used again. However, the dirty smell will remain.

Is there a solution against sewer air in the house after rain?

Yes, Drainpure can be used to prevent sewer air in the house after rain. This will significantly reduce the sewer air in the house after rain. Drainpure applies a layer to the inside of the drain pipes which will completely cover and dissolve the deposited dirt particles. As a result, the dirty air will be greatly reduced within a few hours. In case of prolonged use (maintenance dosage), the layer that is deposited against the walls of the pipes will be broken down biologically by Drainpure. Also the parts of the drainpipe after the water lock in the siphon will be cleaned with prolonged use. The sewer air in the house after rain will be virtually nil.

A fast-acting product for this is Drainpure.

  • In 99% of all cases, it gets rid of the stench within 3 hours!
  • One bottle is enough to treat a drain for a year.
  • Drainpure is a preventive product.
Currently, Drainpure is not available in the UK.
As an alternative, we offer Roebic K67. This product cleans deep into the pipes and provides a fresh scent.
Drainpure against Sewer Smell from Drains

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