Sewage Smell in the House - Solutions

How to get rid of sewage smell in your house?

There are some solutions for the sewage smell in your house. If the sewer is damaged or displaced, it is usually best to call a plumber for help who can assess and solve the problems. A plumber has a number of methods to identify the cause of the smell in the house, such as a smoke or fog system. This works as follows:

  • The plumber uses the smoke generator to blow smoke into the drain.
  • If there is damage to the drainage system, the smoke will escape from there.
  • The damage can then be repaired.

There are several companies that work with this system to get to the bottom of a sewage smell at home. The cost of a leak detection with the smoke generator is approximately £150, and any repairs will be added to this price.

As you can read on the ‘Causes” page, it is also quite possible that the decomposition of bacteria in the pipes is responsible for the sewage smell at home. To address this problem, there is a proven, highly affordable product on the market: Roebic K27.

Smelly Drain

Dissolve sewage smell in the house with Drainpure

As already mentioned, the help of a good plumber is an essential first step if a broken sewer system is responsible for the stench in your home or at work. If everything is fine with the pipes, then we have a solution for you. Combat the sewage smell with Roebic K27, a product that allows private individuals and companies to solve a common cause of stench from the sewer in a simple way. This harmless, all natural product acts on the odour-causing biofilm deep inside the sewer pipe and attacks it biologically. The experience of our customers show that this product solves many stench problems, fast, and, it’s very easy to use. Try it for yourself!

Why use Roebic K27?

  • Works quickly, actively and preventively against sewage smell at home.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Tried and tested effect.
  • Harmless, all natural formula.
  • No problem for use with septic tank or biological waste water system.
  • More info? Check the product page!

No smelly drain but a smelly toilet? Try Roebic K97!

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