Cleaning Products in a Septic Tank

Household detergents in a septic tank. What do you need to use?

Detergents and a septic tank are not a very good combination. Detergents like chlorine often contain antibacterial chemicals that can disrupt the bacterial cultures in the septic tank and therefore affect the functioning of the septic tank. For example, detergents containing bleach (chlorine bleach lye),chlorine, unblocking agents, high acidity descaling agents and alkaline agents are very harmful to the working bacteria in a septic tank.

In the list below you can see which cleaning products are suitable for a septic tank and which products should not be used.

Checklist Cleaning Products for Septic Tank:


  Yes, it’s suitable No, it’s not suitable  
Dishwashing detergent    
All-purpose cleaner   Check out our Septic Safe All-Purpose Cleaner.
Anti-limescale agent   Check out our Septic Safe Anti-Limescale Agent.
Bathroom cleaner   Check out our Septic Safe Bathroom Cleaner.
Glass cleaner   Check out our Septic Safe Glass Cleaner.
Hand soap    
Hand soap (anti-bacterial)   Check out our Septic Safe Hand Soap.
Sink un-blocker    
Cleaning vinegar    
Dishwasher tablets    
Liquid abrasive    
Floor cleaner    
Toilet cleaner (e.g. Duck Toilet Cleaner)   Check out our Septic Safe Toilet Cleaner.
Javel water    


Cleaning Agents Suitable for Septic Systems

Which cleaning products should I use?

A large number of detergents used in an everyday household are not very suitable for maintaining of a septic tank. In fact, if a large quantity of detergent is discharged into the septic tank, it can even cause clogging and odour. We therefore always recommend choosing an organic variant of a cleaning agent. These are often composed of biodegradable substances that do not affect the working bacteria in the septic tank. The label will also state whether the product is suitable.

At the bottom of this page you will find a selection of biological cleaning agents that are suitable for your septic tank.

How can I restore the natural balance of the septic tank?

If your septic tank is already causing problems such as bad odourse and/or blockages, we also have products for this. To restore the natural balance of the septic tank it is advised to add extra bacteria to the septic tank. As a result, the efficiency of the septic tank will be restored again. Bacterial products like Roebic K37 and Bio-Septic ensure that the breakdown of organic material is as high as possible. You can find these products here.

Our recommended septic safe cleaning products

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