From Drain to sewer stinks

From drain to sewer stinks... That's gross. Fortunately, we have a solution!

If the drain to the sewer stinks, the smell can spread throughout the house and cause a lot of annoyance. The Sewage air specifically often smells of rotten eggs and is unhealthy. If this is the case in your home, it is very unpleasant, but there is also good news: most of the time our biological products work great when the drainage to sewer stinks.

How is it that a drain stinks of sewage?

A drain stinks of sewage because the micro-organisms in the drainpipe break down the organic particles in the water. This creates a bio-film which is a layer of micro-organisms on the inside of the pipe. The organic particles from the water flowing through the pipe are broken down by the bio-film, and this decomposition takes place without oxygen (in an anaerobic way). Anaerobic means that no oxygen is used to break down the organic  particles.

The effluent stink of waste-water is due to the oxygen-free decomposition producing H2S, (hydrogen sulphide), in most cases. This is a gas that smells like rotten eggs and the smell is already noticeable in small quantities. Although H2S causes most of the discomfort, other gases can also cause odour. Examples include methane and organic nitrogen.

Drains Smell like Sewage

Most of the drains have a siphon with which a water lock is created so that many unpleasant odours are not noticed, and these remain ‘under’ the water- ‘behind’ the water lock. However, hydrogen sulphide, among other things, is very soluble in water and therefore this gas is not simply stopped by the siphon. As a result, the outflow stinks of sewage. In addition, if the drain has a glued connection it can become a bit ‘brittle’ and the odours can leak through. Often this is difficult to identify and repair, as it can be under the floor.


Can I do something when a drain reeks of sewage?

When there are leakages or damaged drainpipes, you need to fix it or get it fixed.  However, when the drainpipes are ok, we have some great products to help you out!

Roebic K27 is a fast acting, all-natural product. It works great on:
  • Garbage disposals
  • Smelly drains in the kitchen
  • Sewage smells in the bathroom
  • Pits causing nuisance
Do you have a smelly toilet? Use Roebic K97 instead!

Roebic K27 is a product with a preventive effect.

If the drain stinks of sewage, Roebic K27 is an excellent solution in many cases. It degrades the biofilm biologically which causes of the odours to disappear. By applying Roebic K27 every now and then, it will have a preventive effect on smelly sewers.

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