Drains smell like sewage. How annoying!

A smelly drain can be very annoying. A small drain can cause a whole floor to stink and it can smell continuously. However, it is also possible that this odour only appears after a rainstorm. You may smell the familiar rotten egg smell or other sewer air, and this stench is not just unhealthy, it is also very annoying. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

What causes my drains to smell like sewage?

A smelly drain is usually caused by  a present layer of micro-organisms (biofilm) in the pipe after the drain. These micro-organisms break down the dirt particles in the water stream without using oxigen.We call this anaerobic breakdown, and during this breakdown, a number of degradation by-products are released. Depending on the circumstances, this can be H2S (hydrogen sulphide) gas, for example, which causes the rotten egg smell to escape from the sewer. This H2S gas ensures a smelly drain in almost 90% of cases. It can therefore be smelt even in very low concentrations. Organic nitrogen and methane gas can also create a smelly drain.

Is there a solution for a smelly drain?

Fortunately, this annoying problem can indeed be solved. A good product for this problem is Drainpure. Drainpure lays a layer over the micro-organisms in the pipework. The production of the smelly gases will stop almost immediately. Drainpure then acts in a biological way on this biofilm and ensures that it eventually disappears.

As previously mentioned Drainpure works very quickly.  Within just a few hours, the annoying odours is no longer perceptible. This makes it perfect for your holiday home, for example. The graph below shows the course of the concentration of smelly gases before and after the dosage of Drainpure.

A fast-acting product for this is Drainpure.

  • In 99% of all cases, it gets rid of the stench within 3 hours!
  • One bottle is enough to treat a drain for a year.
  • Drainpure is a preventive product.
Drainpure against Sewer Smell from Drains
Drainpure Odor Removal Graph

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