Septic Tank and Chlorine. Is this desirable?

A septic tank and cleaning products with a high chlorine content are often not a good combination. This is because chlorine has a direct influence on the working bacteria in the septic tank. Chlorine kills them. This decreases the decomposition speed of the waste products in the water. Problems such as odours and blockages can then arise. Therefore it is often better not to use chlorinated cleaning products in combination with a septic tank or STP. Do you use a toilet cleaner like WC Duck or Glorix? Then choose a organic alternative that does not contain chlorine. This is to keep your septic tank working optimally and to prevent problems like smell/clogging. Also toilet blocks can cause problems.

“Chlorine directly affects the working bacteria in your septic tank or Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).”

How can I restore the natural balance of the septic tank?

When you have unknowingly used chlorine, problems such as odors and blockages may arise. To restore the natural balance in the septic tank, it is often wise to add extra bacteria to the septic tank. There are many products that contain extra bacteria to achieve this. Some of these products are listed below.

Our recommended products for your septic tank and STP