Black Wastewater Definition

What is Black Water?

Unlike grey water, black water only comes from toilets. The name black water comes from the color that the water gets from the bacterial decay process in the water. Black water is often found in portable toilets, but also in the holding tanks of boats and motor homes.

How do I prevent and remedy a foul smell in a black water tank?

To prevent odors from the black water tank, it is important to regularly maintain the holding tank that collects the black water. The 100% biological products from Roebic contain all the ingredients to remedy and prevent these odors. Roebic products are made on the basis of patented bacteria that break down the sludge in the tank. In addition, these bacteria are aerobic. This means that there is no rotting smell and the pit smell can be remedied. These products are ideal for use in holding tanks on boats and motor homes for example.

We are increasingly seeing that chemical-based products (such as Formaldehyde) for holding tanks are no longer allowed to be discharged at campgrounds, RV parks and smaller marinas. Because these products kill bacteria, they have a major impact on the often small-scale water treatment systems at campsites and motor home parks.

Roebic products are very effective, 100% biological and contain exactly the micro-organisms that support the bacteria in these purification systems.

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