Toilet Cleaning Products for Septic Tanks

Cleaning a toilet that is connected to a septic tank. What should I pay attention to?

When you need to clean a toilet and you have a toilet that is connected to a septic tank you have to take into account which cleaning products you use. Cleaning products like toilet duck, Glorix and several brands of toilet blocks contain chlorine or chlorine bleach lye. Substances which have a bactericidal effect. It makes the toilet nice and clean, but it is very bad for the septic tank or STP. These substances can kill the bacteria that are responsible for the decomposition of waste in the septic tank. They will not be able to do their job anymore and the septic tank can cause a lot of inconvenience. Smells and blockages can arise. Always use cleaning products that contain biodegradable ingredients. This can be found on the label. You can find these products in most supermarkets. GREEEN biological cleaning products.


How can I restore the natural balance of the septic tank?

To restore the natural balance in the septic tank, it is often wise to add extra bacteria to the septic tank. There are many products that contain extra bacteria to achieve this. Some of these products are listed below.


Our recommended products for your septic tank or aerated STP