Holding Tank Treatment for Campers and RVs

Prevent bad smells and blockages with our holding tank treatment products.

Almost every motorhome now has a holding tank for waste-water. In many cases, the waste water from showers and/or sinks is collected here. Occasionally, these septic tanks can cause bad smells. What is the reason for this, and more importantly, how do you solve it?

Water from the shower and/or sink is called grey water. It contains organic material such as food waste, grease, hair, soap residue, etc. This all ends up in the waste water tank. Toilet water is often separate, and we call it ‘black water’. The dirt in this tanks contain bacteria and the decomposition process (rotting) starts directly in the waste water tank.

RV holding tank treatment to reduce bad odours

Fortunately, you can easily tackle the stench from your holding tank. If the anaerobic decomposition is slowed down, less odour is released. Chlorine is sometimes used for this purpose, which can help in the short term, but it is a serious problem for the environment. Many campsites have very little water purification, so if the chlorinated water ends up in the camp’s system, the purification will no longer work as well because the bacteria that purify the water has died off!

Complementary products for your holding tank

Formaldehyde-based products are often used for the black water holding tank  and the water then turns blue when it is used. This product is also often difficult to break down in the cleaning systems.

However, it is also possible to fight the bad, stench producing bacteria with good bacteria. This is a 100% biological holding tank treatment that works very well if you want to fight smelly waste-water tanks.

This product can also be used for the holding tanks in the toilet. Here too, it prevents bad smells and will ensure that the solid particles dissolve effectively. In this case, it is important to choose the ‘Black Water’ treatment.

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