Street Drain Smells

Street drain cleaning with Roebic K27. Prevents bad odours and clogging.

A street drain near your home, garden, or hospitality patio causes odor nuisance. It may also be that a drain in the garden stinks.

What's causing it?

All kinds of organic and inorganic material washes into a street gully. Fallen leaves, dust, sand, etc. This accumulates in the gully and rots. This can happen particularly quickly in warm weather. You can then smell, for example, rotten eggs. You can smell this at very low concentrations and it can be quite unpleasant. Also, this gas, called hydrogen sulfide (H2S) at high concentration potentially harmful to health.


Is there a solution for when the street gully stinks?

This problem can be easily addressed with Roebic K27. This product is made from biological ingredients and is therefore fully degradable. It contains a lot of good bacteria which quickly attack the source of the stench: The organic material. This black sludge is broken down in a way that does not release any odour or dangerous gases. Because this goes very quickly, the bad bacteria are effectively competed away. In addition, the product also smells deliciously fresh!

Roebic K27 is perfect to use in combination with the septic tank, cesspit or STP.

How do I use Roebic K27?

The use is simple and goes as follows:

  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Empty the bottle into the street drain 
  • Fill the empty bottle with lukewarm water and pour it in.
  • Repeat if necessary.

Where can I buy Roebic K27?

Roebic K27 is available in our webshop. Click on the button below to add this product directly to your cart!


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