Crawl Space Smell Removal

Stench from crawl space. What's causing it?

When there are (or have been) problems with the sewage system, it is possible that dirty water from, for instance, the toilet ends up in the crawl space. This can also happen when the municipal sewerage system overflows and your crawl space has been flooded. The water usually drains away, but the organic pollutants stay behind. These substances will then rot and cause the crawl space to smell. This usually translates into a musty smell in the house or a sewer smell in the house. This can be very annoying. 

But luckily something can be done about it!

Solve odor from crawl space

It is possible to have the organic matter broken down by bacteria. When special, aerobic bacteria are used for this purpose, no smelly gases will be produced during this breakdown. 

We have a product for it: Roebic K27. This is an all-round anti odour product which can quickly tackle the problems. This is a biological, non-toxic product with which good results can be achieved.

How do I use that product against smells from the crawl space?

It is very simple. Below we describe how you can use this product.

  • Step 1. Take one or two bottles of Roebic K27. Shake well and throw it in a bucket.
  • Step 2. Dilute 1x with water. Tip: Fill the bottle with water, so you have just enough! 
  • Step 3. Spread the contents throughout the crawl space. You can spread it with a watering can, or use a sprayer. With the latter, make sure you don’t mist it, but really spray it.

In one week you should notice a clear difference. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat this treatment.