Odour Nuisance from Restaurants

Stench in your restaurant or catering facility

Odours also regularly occur in municipal sewers. This odour problems often have to do with the build-up of sludge and grease. This starts to rot, and this decomposition without oxygen releases foul-smelling gases which can be a nuisance. This type of problem often causes odour problems on terraces. The problem often occurs in the summer, when turnover must be made! To tackle these problems and then also prevent them, we have a special product in our range; Bio-Col.

Functioning of Bio-Col

Bio-Col is a biological product based on aerobic micro-organisms. Non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and non-GMO. Safe, durable, highly effective and easy to use. Bio-col breaks down the pollution in the sewer in an aerobic way. Because this decomposition takes place in an aerobic way, no smelly gases are formed anymore.

Approach to problems

Often the sewerage is managed by the municipality, so we often see that a treatment process is carried out and paid for by the municipality. We have experience and contacts within many municipalities and will be happy to take this on for you. Are you experiencing odour nuisance? Please contact us!


We have various references in the field of dealing with odour and grease nuisance. On this page you can read more about it.

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