Grease Trap Smell

Does the grease separator in your kitchen smell? We have a solution.

A grease separator is a necessary evil for your restaurant or catering establishment. On the one hand, it helps break down the fat in the wastewater so that it can be discharged. However, it is also a system that can cause an unpleasant odour. This is often because there is always fat left behind which can rot and stink. A nuisance for you, but also for the guests in your restaurant. In this article, we would like to explain more about how the smell is caused and more importantly, how you can get rid of it.


Why can a grease pit start to smell?

If you do not maintain your grease separator properly and do not empty it on time, bacteria can develop that will break down the grease residues in the water. In itself, this is not a bad thing. However, this decomposition is done by anaerobic bacteria. And these are precisely the bacteria that you do not want breaking down the fat. The breaking down process is slow and these anaerobic bacteria give off a foul odour during the breaking down process. This is caused by the substance H2S, or hydrogen sulfide, which they release. This substance is characterized by the familiar rotten egg or sewer smell. It can also give off a heavy, musty smell. 

What can I do about a smelly grease trap?

There are several solutions to solve or prevent the stench in your grease trap. It starts with ensuring that the grease separator is always properly maintained. This ensures that no grease residue is left behind for those smelly bacteria to feast on. In addition, it also helps to regularly empty your grease trap.

Do you have a problem with the smell from your grease separator and do you want to do something about it quickly? Then you might consider trying our products. These products are suitable for both the grease separator and the drain where the grease trap eventually connects to the sewer system.

How do these products work for your grease trap and drain?

These maintenance products will help you solve smells, as well as clogs in your grease pit or drain. These products also consist of bacteria, but not the anaerobic ones we discussed earlier. Instead, the bacteria in this product are aerobic. They break down the grease in your grease trap much faster and also without giving off that foul odor. When these bacteria are added to your grease trap they compete away the smelly, anaerobic bacteria. This not only gets rid of the smell, but also breaks down the grease at a faster rate. This does not mean that you will never have to empty your grease pit again, but it does mean that emptying will be easier and that there will be less of an odour. Very pleasant!

What products do we recommend?

Roebic Trap Sak (TS-2)

The Roebic TS-2 is a kind of “candle” that you can hang in your grease separator. This candle gradually releases aerobic bacteria into the wastewater. This continuous influx of bacteria ensures that the decomposition of fat remains at a good level and prevents unpleasant odours for a long time. In short, an interesting, sustainable and proactive solution to prevent odours from your grease pit. It is not without reason that this product is also used to tackle problems with fat and sludge deposits at pumping stations. For more information, read our report on this project.

Bio septic FOG grease trap maintenance

Bio-Septic FOG is a lightly foaming, highly effective product based on bacteria and enzymes. These work superbly in combating stench and blockages. 

You dose this through the pipework before closing. The bacteria thus work their way through the entire system, from drain to grease trap.  

Our recommended products for grease trap maintenance and cleaning

At Dutch Water Tech, we have a wide range of products for maintaining and cleaning the grease separator in your restaurant or catering facility. In addition, we also offer products that solve and prevent blocked pipes and odours.