Stinky Drain Solution

Stinky drains and pipes? What is the cause?

A stinky drain can be very annoying. A small drain can make an entire floor stink. It may be that the drain only smells after a rainstorm or sometimes even continuously. You might smell the familiar rotten egg smell or another sewerage odour. This smell is not only unhealthy, it is also very annoying. Fortunately, there is often something that can be done about it. 

What causes a smelly drain?

A smelly drain is usually caused by the presence of a layer of microorganisms (biofilm) in the pipe after the drain. These micro-organisms break down the dirt particles in the water stream. They do this in a way that does not use oxygen. We call this anaerobic degradation. During this decomposition a number of decomposition products are released. Depending on the circumstances, this could be H2S (hydrogen sulfide) gas, which causes the rotten egg smell in sewers. In almost 90% of all cases, this H2S gas causes a smelly drain. It can be smelled in very low concentrations. Organic nitrogen and methane gas can also cause smelly sewage.

Is there a solution to a stinky drain?

Fortunately, this annoying problem can indeed be solved. A good working product for this problem is Drainpure. Drainpure lays a layer over the microorganisms in the pipework. The production of foul-smelling gases stops almost immediately. Drainpure then works on organic way It acts on this biofilm and makes it disappear.

Drainpure. Biological solutions against a smelly drain.

Drainpure works very fast. Within a few hours the nuisance is no longer noticeable. This makes it perfect for your holiday home, for example. The graph below shows the development of the concentration of smelly gasses before and after the dosage of Drainpure.

fast-acting product for this purpose Drainpure.

  • In 99% of the cases already within 3 hours of the stench!
  • One bottle is enough to clean a drain one year to be treated

Drainpure is a preventive working product. It immediately puts a film over the anaerobic bacteria so they can no longer cause sewer odors in the house. Over time Drainpure will even clean the pipework. 

Effective decomposition of sewer odors in the home with Drainpure

The graph below shows what happens in the pipework after the dosing of Drainpure. H2S is the most common odour component.

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