Camper Drain Smells

Does the drain of your camper or caravan stink? There is a solution.

Does your motor home or caravan have a washbasin or sink? If so, odour nuisance in the drain can be very annoying. Especially when you are on the road and your camper or caravan fills with a smelly smell. Annoying and also very unhealthy. Fortunately there is a quick and effective way to get rid of it.

How does a smelly drain occur in your motorhome or caravan?

Just like the drain in your kitchen, the drain in your motor home or caravan can also have a small (biofilm) layer left behind on the inside of the drain pipe. This layer consists of micro-organisms that break down the dirt particles in the drained water. However, H2S, also known as hydrogen sulphide, is released in the process. Perhaps this term is not very well known, but the smell is. This substance causes the characteristic rotten egg smell or sewer smell.

Can I solve the stench in the drain of my camper or caravan?

Yes it is! In order to solve the stench, you must make sure that the bacteria in the small layer of biofilm are rendered harmless. We recommend using Drainpure for this purpose. Drainpure lays a layer over the microorganisms in the pipework. The production of foul-smelling gases quickly stops. Drainpure then works biologically on the biofilm and makes it disappear. Take a look at the graph below and see what happens to the concentration of H2S after dosing a few drops of Drainpure.

Drainpure. Effective and biological solution against a smelly drain in your motorhome or caravan.

So using Drainpure helps to break down that stinky biofilm layer that causes that stinky drain. However, Drainpure also has some additional benefits:

  • Fast action. Often within 3 hours of the stench off.
  • It also works preventively. This way you prevent stench in the future.
  • One bottle is enough to treat a drain for a year.
  • Small size. You take it with you easily.

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