Boat Toilet Smell

Does the toilet on your boat stink? The solution is simple.

Do you own a boat or pleasure yacht? Or are you responsible for the maintenance of large ships within the shipping industry? Then you probably have a (recurring) problem. Stench on the toilet! Very annoying. Especially in toilets on (smaller) ships where that foul smell quickly fills the room. In many cases the stench can be attributed to problems in the drain or the holding tank to which the toilet is connected. These often have to store faeces for a longer period of time. Unlike a regular sewerage system, there are a number of things you need to consider with a holding tank. In this article we would like to explain how the waste water tank on your boat works and how you can solve odors. In addition, in this article you can find some tips which can help you to prevent odour nuisance from your boat toilet.

How does a holding tank work on a boat or ship?

The waste water tank, to which the boat toilet is connected, is meant to store the waste water, or in this case the black waste water, so that you do not have to discharge the waste water (illegally). The mobile toilet in a camper or caravan is connected to a tank into which the black water is discharged. Of course you have to empty and clean this tank every so often, but what many people don’t know is that a decomposition process is already going on in the waste water tank. This happens because of the micro-organisms present in the tank, which break down the impurities in the waste water.

What causes the toilet on your boat or ship to smell?

The breakdown of the black water in your mobile waste water tank is therefore a natural process that starts automatically. However, this is broken down by anaerobic bacteria. These are the very bacteria that cause the odour during the breakdown of the impurities in the water. During this process, these bacteria secrete hydrogen sulphide (or: H2S) and this creates that characteristic rotten-egg smell. A smell that is very unpleasant, but more importantly, a smell that is very unhealthy.

How can I solve stench from boat toilet?

Many people use chemicals to solve the stench. However, this has a short-lived effect and is also not very good for the environment. They are dangerous to children and when there is a purification system in the marina, these chemicals have a very negative effect on its operation.

Fortunately, there is also an effectivee, organic solution. The dosing of aerobic (non-smelly) bacteria ipv. counteracts odors and also breaks down toilet waste. You make, as it were, a miniature purification of your holding tank! We have a number of products for the holding tank. For example, our products Roebic Black Water and the Bio-Septic Tabs. 

Roebic Black Water Holding Tank Treatment

Roebic Black Water is specially designed for the maintenance of the holding tank which is connected to your boat toilet. This unique product contains patented bacteria that the stench from the tank against the anaerobic (smelly) bacteria to tackle and a nice smell.

Roebic Black Water
Bio-Septic Tabs

Bio-Septic Tabs. Tackles stench in your toilet.

Would you like to get rid of the stench in your boat toilet? Then you can of course use the product above. We also offer an equally powerful and more compact solution. The Bio-Septic Tabs. Much easier to take with you and also very handy when you have problems with stench during a long trip.

How do I prevent stench from the boat toilet?

The bacteria that break down the impurities in the wastewater are a biological way of breaking down the wastewater, but they are also very fragile. There are a number of reasons why the aerobic (non-smelly) bacteria can be disturbed and the anaerobic (smelly) bacteria can take over. This is easy to prevent by including the following things to watch:

  • Excessive use of toilet paper: By excessively flushing paper down the toilet, the decomposing bacteria have to work hard at breaking it down. If they can no longer cope with this, the bacteria can no longer cope with the decomposition and the odour and blockage arise. Advice: Try to limit the use of toilet paper as much as possible, or make sure that you throw the toilet paper in a waste bin.
  • Use of biological toilet cleaners instead of chlorinated ones: As mentioned earlier, cleaning products containing chlorine only help for a short time. This is because chlorine is a bactericide and kills both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. However, there will soon be new anaerobic bacteria in return. For a long-term solution it is best to stimulate the aerobic (non-smelly) bacteria and avoid using toilet cleaners containing chlorine. For example, try to use a biological toilet cleaner when cleaning the toilet. These contain no chlorine and therefore have no effect on the action of the good bacteria in your holding tank.
  • Empty your waste water tank regularly: It’s a bit of a long shot, but if you don’t empty your holding tank often enough, it can also cause unpleasant odours. Make sure you empty your holding tank regularly. Especially at higher temperatures when it can start to brew in the tank. By the way, our products also work in preventing these problems!
  • Give your holding tank a regular aerobic bacteria boost: Roebic Black Water and the Bio-Septic Tabs contain a large number of aerobic bacteria that replace the anaerobic bacteria to break down your dirty water. This ensures that the dirty water is broken down without giving off a foul odour on your boat/ship.

As you can read above, a toilet holding tank needs a different approach than the regular toilet that is connected to the municipal sewerage. Do you have any further questions about the maintenance of the toilet and the holding tank on your boat or ship? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our recommended products for maintenance and cleaning of holding tanks

At Dutch Water Tech we have a wide range of products for maintaining and cleaning the waste water tank of your motorhome, caravan or boat. In addition, we also offer products that solve and prevent clogged pipes and odours.