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Since 2009, it has been forbidden to discharge waste water into surface water. Therefore, you must keep any polluted water on board, which makes a holding tank a good option. This solution gives you a little more storage capacity so you do not have to empty your waste water at a port every time.

There are two different types of waste-water: grey water and black water. Grey water is from the shower and sink, and often this goes directly overboard. The water from the toilet needs a different approach and should be collected in a holding tank. That means that you have to carry black wast-water for a longer period. During this period, the bacteria in the tank will have alreadystart the decomposition process (decay).

Odour from the waste water tank in the boat

The aforementioned degradation process in the wastewater tank of your boat is an anaerobic process. The decomposition of the organic material takes place via bacteria that works without oxygen. The disadvantage of this breakdown is that it is slow and all kinds of smelly gases are produced. The infamous rotten egg smell (also known as hydrogen sulphide or H2S) can smell terrible, even in very low concentrations. In addition, the higher the temperature, the faster the decomposition process takes place, and the more smells it produces. Good odour control valves can help, but certainly not always. Hydrogen sulphide, for instance, is very soluble in water, but the smell can still be noticed. 

Dissolving bad smells from your holding tank

Do you want to tackle the stench from your boat’s holding tank? Fortunately, that is possible. When the anaerobic decomposition is inhibited, the stench will also go away. Dosing good, aerobic bacteria is an effective method of preventing stench. How does it work?

Aerobic (with oxygen) breakdown is much faster than anaerobic breakdown and doesn’t create any odour. By using a large dose of a product that contains these bacteria, it is possible to eliminate the bad bacteria in a very short period of time.

Roebic RV & Marine Grey Water Holding Tank Treatment

Roebic RV & Marine is a 100% biological, sustainable product which has been specially developed to tackle the stench from the waste water tank. It works with good bacteria to break down the waste products in the water in a way that prevents the release of any stench. It also breaks down solid particles so that the tank is emptied better. I’ts sctually a mini-water purification in your waste water tank! Almost every system is can benefits from this approach. The beauty of this is that it works very well and is 100% biological.

For a system that only uses the toilet, take Roebic RV & Marine Black Water.

If the shower and/or sink is also on the tank, then choose Roebic RV & Marine Grey Water.

Thanks to a new improved formula, Black Water is now also suitable for use in both grey and black water!
Roebic Blackwater will be renamed Roebic Holding Tank Treatment in the future.

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