Roebic K47 Cesspool Maintenance 12-Pack

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Roebic K 47 prevents and removes odour, blockages and bad drainage from the cesspool. 100% biological.

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Roebic K47 cesspool maintenance – 12 pieces

Roebic K47 Cesspool maintenance: for maintenance of the system to which only toilets, “black” water, are connected.

Do you want to prevent problems with your cesspool such as blockage, stench and dirt accumulation? Then Roebic K 47 Cesspool maintenance is exactly what you need.

Roebic K47 Cesspool consists of a special mixture of different bacteria cultures, which ensure that the waste from a system to which only toilets are connected

Roebic K47 Cesspool maintenance can be used for systems that are only connected to black (toilet) wastewater. If the systems are connected to both grey (kitchen, bathroom) and black (toilet) waste water, we recommend Roebic Septic Tank K37.

Order a package of 12 bottles of Roebic K47 Cesspool Maintenance now and save 25%.

What is Roebic K47 suitable for?

Roebic K47 cesspool maintenance can be used for systems that are only connected to black (toilet) wastewater. When the systems are connected to both grey (kitchen, bathroom) and black (toilet) wastewater, we recommend Roebic K37 Septic Tank.

How much K47 do I need for my cesspool?

1 bottle of 946 ml Roebic K47 Cesspool is sufficient to treat a 500 gallon/1500 litre tank. The best results are achieved by dosing twice a year, e.g. after cleaning the system.

Does Roebic K47 also work for a aerated cesspool?

No, in this case Roebic K47 is not suitable. For an actively ventilated cesspool it is better to use Roetech 106 PS. These are other bacteria cultures.

How do I use Roebic K47?

  1. For best results use Roebic Cesspool K47 in the evening before bedtime.
  2. Shake well before use. Flush the entire contents of the container down the toilet.
  3. Repeat this dosage twice a year or as needed.

Is Roebic K47 a preventive product?

Yes, Roebic K 47 is a preventive product.

What can affect the functioning of K47?

Be careful with chlorinated detergents in case of a septic tank, cesspool or domestic wastewater tank! These can seriously disturb the biology in the tank.

Is the packaging of K47 recyclable?

Yes, the packaging is recyclable. We have chosen to provide more and more products with new environmentally friendly sustainable packaging. This can lead to the bottle deviating from the original picture above. Our new bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. Of course, the content and function of the product is the same as the original packaging.

To protect the products from damage, we use packing paper as a filling material in our packaging. The packaging paper consists of 100% recycled paper.

Do you want to help with recycling? You can recycle the packaging with the waste paper and plastic waste so that it can be reused.

More information:

In our webshop we sell several organic and ecological cleaning products, which are suitable in combination with a septic tank, cesspool or domestic wastewater system without affecting the function of the bacteria. You can find these organic cleaning products by clicking on this link.

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